Green is better than blue

8. května 2011 v 0:02 | Leann |  Poppycocks

Dnes som oprášila v počítači zložku s mojimi výtvormi na kreatívne písanie, ktoré sme mali minulý semester a rozhodla som sa sem niečo pridať, lebo poviedky momentálne nepíšem. Nejako nemám inšpiráciu alebo čo.


The green color is better than blue

I sat on my bed in the dusk of my room. He stood right in front of me. Some man with so usual face that when I turned my eyes away from him, I couldn't remember it. Wearing a weird grey cloak he just stood there and stared at me. Funny… I was not afraid.
"Who are you?" I asked and he twisted his lips into a soft warm smile. Then I beheld he had something in his hand. A coin. He was playing with the coin with one hand moving it with his fingers the way I've never learned to.
"You don't know who I am?" I shook my head.
"Choose one side," he said and I looked at the coin again. Suddenly I found out that one side of the coin was coated with some shiny green material. The other side was shiny blue.
"This one." I pointed at the green side. The man in my room threw it into the air. After what was less than a millisecond he caught it and held safely in his hands.
I was tensely waiting to see which side it landed on. He moved his hand away. It was the side I had chosen.
"What does it mean?" I asked a bit suspiciously.
The man just smiled with the easeful smile again. "You'll see."

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1 Sláw :) Sláw :) | Web | 3. června 2011 v 17:42 | Reagovat

Čo, to je aké dobré! A ešte v AJ! :) Milujem čítanie v Aj a na to, že je to také krátke, páčilo sa mi to! :)

2 Rose Rose | 4. srpna 2011 v 20:52 | Reagovat

Dobré O_O

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